Dinner: 7 nights a week @5pm; Lunch: Tuesday-Friday @11:30am 503.646.6464

Simple Italian food made with local, northwest ingredients from our organic farmers and our long-time cooks & front of the house staff:

14+ years: Carolyn Zinter, Martín Gomez, Monica Zuercher, Alexander Jackson, Nate Jenkins

11+ years: Jorge Chan Ramirez, Susan Lambert

10+ years: Irma Zamorano Barrera

9+ years: Luis Melgar, Mariano Dzul

7+ years: John Bezucha, Erin Lennon, James Kershaw

6+ years: Nick Rehse

5+ years: Trisha Koppert, Kristian Hernandez Calderon

4+ years: Anabel Quezada Hawley, Frank Surber